Prison blog of Ildar Dadin’s fiancee. We are going to get married. 25th January

Anastasia Zotova and Ildar Dadin decided to get married in January, when Ildar was arrested. «Russia behind Bars» continues publishing the blog of Anastasia

Анастасия Зотова

That’s not the type of wedding every girl is dreaming of. Not at all. There are going to be no photographers, no friends — no one. Apart from me no one will be allowed to get into the isolation ward. I will not even have a white dress — it is not very convenient to wear such a dress if one has to get to the other side of the city by metro in the morning of a weekday.

Though, despite all of these I am really happy. And I could have missed this opportunity if we could not have found Ildar’s passport.

Last week I received a paper signed by the chief of isolations ward #4. The paper said that we had the permission to get married, though without passport it was not possible and that the management of the isolation ward did not have Ildar’s passport.

In the secretary of the Basmanny court, I was told that Ildar’s passport had been taken by people from the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment. We had to find the number of the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment employee who had escorted Ildar, but he did not know anything about the passport. In despair I called judge Dudar’s secretary. “Of course we have Ildar’s passport, it is stored with other documents”, I was told.

After this conversation I was very happy and relieved. I went to the Civil Registry Office  where I explained that the passport was in the court and we would take it to the isolation ward by the day of our wedding. After this explanation they agreed to take our applications.

This joyful news Ildar will get with my letter which he is supposed to receive in three days. I would be glad if it supports and inspires him.

Alexey Lipzer who is Ildar’s lawyer gave me the last news from Ildar. After Ildar was placed to a different cell, it seems that the conditions became slightly better. There are fewer people and he has his own, separate bed. Though the TV is always turned on, which disturbs him a lot and prevents from writing and reading. Though  I strongly believe that it will not prevent Ildar from writing a beautiful speech for his appellation.

I even grew to like the idea of getting married in the isolation ward. There will be no silly games and speeches. And the guests still promised to come and stay outside of the ward with supporting posters.