Prison blog of Ildar Dadin’s fiancee. Visit to a Civil Registry Office. 15th of December

Anastasia Zotova and Ildar Dadin decided to get married in January, when Ildar was arrested. "Russia behind Bars" continues publishing the blog of Anastasia

If one wants to get the paper certifying marriage with a person, who is kept in investigatory isolation ward # 4, one has to apply for it in a Civil Registry Office located on Molodtsova street in Medvedkovo. In order to get there I first took the subway to Babushkinskaya station and then travelled by ground vehicles.

The building of the Civil Registry Office is easy to spot. It is a two-storey greenish building with two joint rings on the front. The front door is tightly shut. It is held opened only for the wedding ceremonies. If one has any other needs, rather than celebrations, one has to enter through another door, which is located on the side of the building.

On the first floor there is an archives storage, whereas any documents for soon-to-weds can be collected on the second floor. The building resembles a hospital. There are no happy couples whatsoever; the only visitors are people who are holding various documents and looking for the right office rooms.

On the bulletin board I can see a paper saying that in cases when one of the soon-to-weds is not able to come to the Civil Registry Office in person, additional consultation is required. Consultation is exactly what I need, because I do not have a slight idea about what I should do next.

I start walking along the hallway trying to enter any of the office rooms located there. I am knocking on the doors, pulling door handles, but no one is responding. Both the head of  the Civil Registry Office, Olga Zvereva, and the deputy, Natalya Frolova, are absent. There is no one left — visitors are leaving, even the guard is gone. Finally, after around 15 minutes, the deputy arrives.

The deputy asks a few questions, “ Are both of you citizens of Russia ? Has either of you been married before?”. And then proceeds with telling me what we ought to do, “ He must fill out this form with information about himself and write down your name and surname. He has to sign the paper at the bottom. Then the chief of the investigatory isolation ward must certify the papers. You bring this application back to us and fill out information about yourself. You must also bring your passport, copy of his passport and 350 rubles to pay the application fee”

It turned out that I have to bring this application back to the Civil Registry Office as soon as possible. The reason is that the notary goes to the investigatory isolation ward only once a month.

The deputy further explained to me, “ If you manage to bring the papers back and apply before 26th of December, then we will be able to certify your marriage before 26th of January. Otherwise we can only do that in February ”

As far as I understood, there is no need for the permission of the court. I thought that the papers had to be sent to the Civil Registry Office. Though, according to those who have already gone through a similar procedure, it only has to be present in the investigatory isolation ward on the wedding day.

I am ready to wait till February. Though, I am not sure whether the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment is willing to wait too. The thing is that, Ildar will be sent to a penal colony in 2 months. Therefore we should make this application as soon as possible.