Prison blog of Ildar Dadyn’s fiancée. First letter. 14th of December

Anastasia Zotova and Ildar Dadin decided to get married in January, when Ildar was arrested. «Russia behind Bars» continues publishing the blog of Anastasia

It has been a week since Ildar’s sentence.

A week — seems to sound not so horrifying. From time to time we haven’t seen each other for a week or two (for example, when he was in a detention center after administrative arrest.

But if we had no possibility to see each other we always talked on the phone every day: that is possible even in a detention center, and it is much easier with visits there. And we Ildar was under house arrest, I could learn how he was from his mother or brother.

The situation with a remand prison (SIZO) is worse. Total obscurity for almost a week.

On Tuesday Ksenia Kostromina, the lawyer, was in SIZO-4 with Ildar. She conveyed that «food is good, attention is good» and generally it is “like in summer camp” in SIZO.

On Tuesday and Thursday I wrote him two letters but got no answer. I even began to worry^ at the end of all police constantly beat Ildar and tried to strangle. Why would they change their attitude in SIZO? All kinds of injuries can be easily discarded to cellmates…

After the campaign on Pushkin’s Square on the Constitution Day I got another reason to worry. I have met several employees of Centre for combating extremism (so called “Centre E”, which does intimidation of civil activists) who promised me “to meet Ildar”. In a panic I even sent letters to representatives of Moscow Public supervisory commission and asked them to see Ildar.

Yesterday, on the 14th of December, attorney Alexey Lipcer visited Ildar. Found him healthy and not beaten. Is is possible to catch a break!

And more – I’ve got the first letter from SIZO! Ildar writes that he is well, as well as he can be THERE. Two first days after the arrest he spent on carantine and that he was determined to a cell for “first timers”. As Ildar says, he was welcomed quite warmly, besides that he has “different outlooks on life” with cellmates.

As Ildar writes, he hasn’t yet faced tortures from employees of FSIN (Federal Office of penalty execution. He reads books, studies Читает книги, изучает УПК, goes for walks and do sport. He says that they give enough of food but a think he exaggerates.

He has a lot of things to do – he got 15 letters per week. The prisoner of conscience says “HI” to everyone, thanks for support and asks not to despair.

Another good new – Ildar has also wrote an application to the Judge Natalya Dudar with a request to marry. Which means that already in five days it will be possible to ask for a permission! And then – ask for a meeting!

The truth is, “five days” can enlarge. As we found out, terms mean not much for Mrs. Dudar. For example, during five days after sentencing she had to send the text of the sentence in written Ildar as his lawyers. Besides that since a whole week neither Ildar, neither lawyers Ksenia Kostromina and Alexey Lipcer have no documents. It is unclear, what is the reason of such a violation.

Despite the missing of the sentence on the hands the lawyers have appealed it in Moscow City Court. According to the Court’s website the date of appellation is not scheduled yet.